NetCRR Digital Call Recorder

NetCRR is a device used for recording calls and wireless communication in a digital form. Calls are simultaneously recorded for many lines in real time. Additional information concerning the recorded calls is stored along with calls, for instance: date and time of a call, the calling parties, telephone numbers, the call duration time, etc.
The recorder interoperates with a phone switch, GSM gateways, dispatch controls, radio stations, RF phones, intercoms, and the other equipment.

NetCRR is a compact device and a complete recording solution. It is equipped with an internal call buffer, which enables recording about 3600 hours of calls (scalable to 10 000). Calls may be managed, played back and archived using an external PC computer with the Windows 2000/XP operating system.

  • reliability and securityof recorded calls,
  • custom, dedicated hardware platform,
  • active X control for third parties systems,
  • system flexibility and scalability.

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