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cpr 2Emergency Call Centres

The systems manufactured by DGT are used by emergency number 112 operators. Our servers are working incessantly, 24 hours a day, allowing operators to receive calls from persons in need of assistance and redirect calls to specific services - the police, the fire brigade and the ambulance service.

przemysl miniIndustry

Modern companies require fast and reliable exchange of information. The progress and globalization accelerate market changes and force subjects to adjust the existing infrastructure to the new requirements. It is necessary to ensure the standard services related to the voice communication.

psp miniThe State Fire Service

DGT launches complete command stations at provincial, district and municipal headquarters. System implementation means handling all incoming and outgoing calls using one terminal, recording all correspondence, queuing calls, inte- gration with the means of communications of other services.

policja miniThe Police

DGT offers province-range systems that enable centralized management of resources in a given area and such devices as a Radio Integrator for direct communication with other services or a Radio Gateway combining the radio driver, IP-telephony, intercom and correspondence registration functions.

ratownictwo miniEmergency Medical Services

The National Emergency Medical Services have been developing their systems for several years. DGT’s offer for the ambulance service includes supplies of radio and telephone systems, integrated communication systems ranging from one dispatch centre to province installations.

ministerstwo obrony narodowejArmy

Since 1991, we have been supplying digital communication systems with advanced dispatch functionality and transit telephone exchanges to the Armed Forces. The share of DGT’s solutions in the fixed non-classified communications of the Ministry of National Defence is almost 95%.

transport miniTransport

The offer for transport companies includes provision of services and equipment for voice and data transmission. The reference list includes seaports, rail infrastructure as well as airports. Dispatch communication systems with a local and nationwide range integrate various media, recording the conversations.



linia produkcyjna

Modern production line

DGTronik concentrates mainly on electronic manufacturing of highly complex boards with both high number of SMT components and sometimes relatively high share of through hole components for EU based and local customers. We are experienced in placing SMT components in size 0201 and micro BGA.

Highly qualified employees, whose some of them are with us since 1991, are the main motive power of our company. Thanks to them, we provide added value positively different from other contact manufacturers in Poland and manufacturing quality compliant with IPC-610. Certificate ISO9001:2008 proves that we are a reliable and quality-oriented partner.

The company directs its offer to representatives of the following branches of industry: car electronics, white goods, medical equipment, vision electronics, telecommunication, embedded electronics, rail, medical, GPS tracking, industry automation, LED lighting, municipal lighting and others.

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